About Me

Kaitlyn NevinOwner | Designer
Hi there. My name is Kaitlyn Nevin and from a professional point of view, I have been a graphic designer circa 2014. However, my passion for the field of design began many years ago, way before high school even. Back in the days of MSN groups and Adobe CS2, I discovered my love for the art of design, specifically through creating online signatures for forums and mini animations. Ever since this discovery, I’ve pursued design as my passion, learning as much as I could throughout the years. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher specializing in graphic design throughout high school, someone who would push me to follow my dreams and teach me the ways of the pen tool and photo manipulation. Through her, I followed through with my college education and ended up with a brand new advanced diploma from St. Lawrence College in graphic design, finally making all my years of experience and learning official. So whether it be a brand new logo for an up and coming business, social media content or a website created from scratch, I’m the one you should choose to bring your vision to life.